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Savings & Investments

There are two different ways of maintaining our monetary assets: we can hold them as either Cash Savings or Investment Assets. We usually acquire the cash first - normally out of excess income or sometimes as a lump sum receipt; and then either save it in its original denomination as a Cash Deposit, or invest it as a Capital Asset.

Savings  are simply cash, usually held in a Deposit Account with a Bank or Building Society. The main purpose of Cash Savings is to provide a safe environment for your money with convenient access. The key benefits of a Savings Account are therefore safe custody, easy access, little or no risk of losing the original capital value, and that you receive a certain rate of interest which is automatically credited to you.

The downsides are no tax planning advantages as it will always be subject to taxation, nominal interest rate yields,

and very little scope for any real growth in value.

Investments  on the other hand, are literally anything else that money can buy with the intention of making more profit than the original cash. The vast array of various investments means that they can be both risky and intangible at one extreme; and almost as safe and accessible as cash at the other end of the spectrum. Either way, the main purpose of an investment is to beat it’s cash equivalent. The key benefits of investments therefore, are the creation of additional wealth that you didn’t previously have, considerable choice over how and where your money is invested, and scope for advantageous tax planning.

The downsides are more restricted access than cash, and the risk that the capital value may be less than the amount originally invested.

Risk & Reward: what's the trade-off?

Savings & Investments carry different levels of Risk & Reward. In most cases risk and reward go hand-in-hand, and range from low to medium to high levels of both Risk & reward.

Risk for most of us means the possibility of loosing what we already have. On this basis we would keep all our assets in cash. But there are also hidden risks such as inflation which erodes real value; and taxation liabilities.

Reward is what we expect to get in return for something we have done. So the more we do then the more we should get. Therefore if holding cash is doing very little, and buying an investment is doing quite a lot, then investments should generate a better opportunity for reward. But the price for higher reward is higher risk and more constrained access to capital.

The answer, if there is one, is what feels right for you. On a scale of 1 to 10 how safe do you want to be; and on the same scale, how much money do you need to make? Our Investment Advice Process will help you answer these questions for yourself, and thus enable us to help you in an appropriate way.

Making the right choice...

It’s clear that choosing the right investment is not simple, particularly when there are so many providers and products available to you today. Among the decisions you need to make are:

Investment Advice

Our tailored Investment Advice Process will help you answer all of these questions, and more, as far as is ever possible.

Our expertise and access to the world of consumer investments will empower your decision making process, and provide you with the best possible opportunity of making the right investments for the right reasons.

Please feel free to talk to us about your investment planning including any of the following services and products: